Fingal and Bran LR Cropped
Dwarfie Stane ©HES 2017
Dwarfie Stane, Norse Dwarf Crop LR
Trow ©HES 2017
Cuween Hill Trow
MacBeth Witches' Scene ©Pentacor
Star Ship
Number 7 Roseberry Crescent
Alchemaic Wizard
White Witch of Roseberry
Trojan Horse
Alchemaic Castle Game
Richard the Bird Bookjacket
The Little Hall
Norse Myths
The Holy Well - Studley Royal
Studley Royal Mound
Bridge foundation buried skulls
Pele Tower Rounding a Stormfront
The Frost Giants
Chapel Ship Standing off at Market Bosworth
Fountains Window
Andivari's Ring
Macbeth Witches ©OUP Col