George Petrie at ROB
Ring of Brodgar Trench Diggers LR
Glenluce Abbey Reconstruction 1500
Melrose Abbey Galilee Porch
Clava Cairns, Scotland
Corrimony and Clava Cairns
Balfarg Henge
Spanish galleon
Aztec Gold Mask
Pirates ©CUP
Norse Hammer
Skara Brae Pottery
The Man I Killed
Sir Bowater Vernon
Osiris tile
Osiris Burial
Craignethan Castle, Reconstruction
Orkney History
View of Neolithic Fife. ©2016
Egyptian Mummy Casing
Skara Brae
Chibcha Tribesman
Melrose Abbey Overview
Melrose Abbey Whole View
Crossraguel Abbey, South Range Recon' LR
Aztec Boy
Orkney Mons Barrow